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String Painting


God protects us and keeps us safe.

Memory Verse:

"The hairs of your head are all numbered"
(Luke 12:7).

Materials Needed:

Shallow plastic pots of diluted powder paints.
A ball of thick white string.
Paint smocks and plastic table covers.
Water and washing cloths.
For each child:
One meter lengths of string.
A4 sheets of thick paper or thin card.

Cleaning Up:

Powder paints wipe up fairly easily with a damp cloth or sponge.  Make sure you wipe it up while it is still damp!

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


I like mine all twisty!


I have lot's of string with me today.  What can we do with this ball of string in my hand?  (Let the children respond).  Do you think we should tie up all the boys?  (Let the girls respond).

And what about the girls, should we tie them up too?  (Let the boys respond). Well, we won't do that now, so let's rather make some colourful pictures.

Did you know that the Bible says that God not only looks after us and protects us, but He even knows how many hairs are on you head!

String Pictures:

Some of you have long hair just like these strings.  Today we are going to make pictures with the strings to remind us that God has counted every hair on your head, and He even knows how many are left if you pull out a few!

We will dip the strings in paint and lay it all coiled and twisted on the inside of a sheet of paper that has been folded in half.   If we then rub the top of the sheet, we will make a print of the string on both sides of the paper like this.

Now, lets help you make your own fancy string picture!


  1. Make sure each child's clothes are protected with a smock.

  2. Give each child a sheet of paper and a length of string.

  3. Help the children to fold their sheet of paper horizontally in half and then open up the sheet again.

  4. The children must then dip their string into paint and lay it out in a pattern on one side of their paper sheet.

  5. They must then fold their paper and lightly rub the paper to tranfer the string pattern onto both sides of the sheet.

  6. Set the sheets aside and when they are dry, pin them around the walls of the class.

  7. If time permits the children could repeat this activity on the same sheet using a new string and a different paint colour.

  8. Wash the children's hands thoroughly and clean-up all paint spills and utensils used.

To Finish:

You have made some very nice string paintings!  Let's say thank-you to God for knowing just how many hairs are on your head, and for protecting you and keeping you safe.

God bless!


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