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Potato Prints


Saying thanks to God.

Memory Verse:

"I am wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14).

Materials Needed:

Potatoes and carrots.
Craft or other sharp knife.
Shallow pans each with a thin layer of powder paint.
One A4 sheet of paper for each child.
Paint smocks and plastic table covers.
Water and washing cloths.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.

I'm filling my page up!


Before class, potatoes and carrots are sliced in half and a 5mm shoulder is carefully cut away leaving a raised circle, triangle, cross or other simple design.  This makes a stamp which is charged with paint from the pans and then stamped on a sheet of paper leaving an imprint of the design.

Corks, sponges and scrapbook stamps can also be used, but preschoolers often prefer to use vegetables!



God looks after us and has given us many good things.  Wouldn't our world look funny if everything looked like a pile of sand.   If you were a pile of sand would you be able to smile?  Let's pretend that you are all little piles of sand.  Now sand piles smile for me!

But, that's not right, if you were sand and you tried to smile all the sand grains would dribble way down your chin, (Suit the words with actions), dribble down your chin, dribble down your chest, dribble down your tummy, dribble down your legs, drible on the floor, and make a big mess!!

I'm glad God didn't make us like that aren't you?  No, God made everything with its own shape and colour.  And God made each one of you and He did very good job!  Today we are going to make a special picture.  No, we won't use sand, but we are going to use the shapes on these potato and carrot stamps.  See if you can make a beautiful picture to show Mommy and Daddy.


  1. Make sure each child's clothes are protected with a smock.

  2. Give each child a sheet of paper and a potato or carrot stamp.

  3. The children dip their stamps into the paints and fill their sheets with colourful shapes.

  4.  Set the sheets aside and when they are dry let the children take them home.

  5.  Wash the children's hands thoroughly and clean-up all spills and utensils used.

To Finish:

You have made pictures with many shapes and colours and that's how God made the world.  He didn't want it all in one colour and one shape.   God must have thrown His arms wide and said to the Angels, "I want lot's of colour and I want lots of different animals, and birds, and insects, and trees, and grass, and the sun and stars, and clouds, and lot's of different people.

Let's say our memory verse together:

"I am wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14).

And now let's say a prayer together (To teach the children to pray, let them follow you with each prayer sentence):

  1. "Thank you to God, for Mommy and Daddy.
  2. "Thank you to God, for our house.
  3. "Thank you to God, for food and clothes.
  4. "Thank you to God, for the sun and the sky.
  5. "Thank you to God, for the birds and animals.
  6. "Thank you to God, that You made me!
  7. "Thank you to God, that You love me!
  8. "Thank you to God, that I love You!

God bless.


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