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Leaf Prints


God made the trees and plants, and each one of us.

Memory Verse:

"God saw everything He made was very good" (Genesis 1:31).

Materials Needed:

Two A4 sheets of paper or thin card.
Several types of leaves with pronounced veins.
Thick crayons.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Making leaf prints


Trees and plants are gifts from God.  If you go into a desert, all you see is sand and rocks.  It looks very bare and there are no trees and plants to make it interesting.  Next time you play in your garden, look at all the different trees and flowers that God has made.

Today I have brought leaves from different trees and shrubs.  If you look at the back of the leaves you will see their veins.  God made the veins so that water from the roots of the plant can reach the very tip of the leaf.  This helps the leaves make food for the plant so that it can grow strong and healthy.

This is like the food you eat so that you can be strong and healthy.  Today we are going to take some of these leaves and put them under a sheet of paper and make leaf print pictures.


  1.  Give each child two sheets of paper, a crayon and several leaves.

  2.  Let the children arrange several of the leaves upside down on one sheet of paper.

  3.  Then help them to carefully cover the leaves with the second sheet of paper.

  4.  The children must then lightly rub the top sheet of paper with a crayon to bring out the leaf prints.

To Finish:

Your pictures show how well God made leaves, and you can see the veins running down the leaf.  These veins are like yours.  If you look at the back of my hands you can see all the veins running down to my fingers.

Now let's say our memory verse:

"God saw everything He made was very good."

Do you think we should thank God for making all the trees and plants we enjoy?  (Let the children respond).  And what about you?  I think God made each you one of you so carefully and did a wonderfully job!

Well, I think each of you can say, "Thank-you God for making me, Me!"  (Encourage several children to say this as a prayer).

God bless!


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