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Circle Pictures


God has made a wonderful world.

Memory Verse:

"He has made everything beautiful" (Ecclesiastes 3:9).

Materials Needed:

Various size and colour gummed paper circles
(6mm to 25mm diameter).
A4 sheet of paper or thin card for each child.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


My family


Did you know that God made the world, the sun, the animals, the birds and also each one of us?  And He did a very good job, didn't He?   (Let the children respond).  God made everything beautiful and we are very glad that He did.

We all like beautiful things don't we?  (Let the children respond).  Well, today we are going to make some beautiful pictures with these coloured circles.

You can make a beautiful garden picture with flowers, animals, birds, the sun and people.  But before we do that let's say our Bible verse:

"God has made all things beautiful".

(Let the children repeat the verse several times).


  1.  Give each child a sheet of paper and a supply of gum paper circles.

  2.  Let the children make a picture of things they think are beautiful.

  3.  Where necessary help the children to stick down the circles.

  4.  Alternately fold the paper in half to make a card.

  5.  They could then decorate the cover and inside page.

To Finish:

You have made lots of lovely pictures and shown me how many beautiful things you like.  God wants us to be beautiful as well.   He wants to see happy children who do not stamp their feet and scream.  He wants us to listen to our Mommy and Daddies and do what they say.

Sometimes we are not beautiful are we?  So let's ask Jesus to help us to be more beautiful every day!

God bless.


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