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Growing Seeds


Children need to memorise Scripture verses so that God's Word can grow like seeds in their hearts, and bring forth changed lives that will please God.

Memory Verse:

"I have hidden Your Word in my heart (that I might not sin against you)" Psalm 119:11.

Materials Needed:

For each child:
Styrofoam cups or small flowerpots.
Potting Soil.
Quick germinating seeds (maize, corn, beans or peas).
Craft sticks.
Felt-tipped pens.

Cleaning Up:

Cover the table with plastic and have a dust-bin and a damp cloth to get rid of any excess soil.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Seeds growing in a pot

Planting the Seeds:

  1. Fill the flowerpots about three-quarters full of potting soil.
  2. Let each child plant about three or four seeds in his or her pot at a depth of 20mm.
  3. They can push a hole into the soil with their finger and drop a seed into the hole and smooth the soil closed
  4. Water the soil well and stand the pots on large baking pans.
  5. Keep the soil damp during the next week.
  6. Ask each child to print his name on one end of a craft stick.
  7. Turn the stick over and print on it: "YOUR WORD IS LIKE A SEED" and then insert the stick into their pot.
  8. By the next week, the seeds should have germinated and each child is given their pot to take home at the end of the lesson.

Hiding God's Word:

The Bible says that we must hide God's Word our heart.  If we do this we will obey God and not do wrong things.  And that is why we teach you Bible memory verses each week.

In this way God's Word will grow like seeds in your hearts and minds.   It will changed you inside so that you will want to say and do things that will please Jesus and God, and also please your parents and other people.

Let's look at your pots.  My!  How your seeds have grown and are sending out new leaves on the stems.  And what does it say on your stick?  Yes, it says: "YOUR WORD IS LIKE A SEED".  And this is just like God wants us to read and memorise His Word, so that it can grow in our hearts and lives!

God bless.


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