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Pleasing Jesus


A booklet showing things children can do every day to please Jesus.

Memory Verse:

"And Jesus grew ... in favour with God" (Luke 2:52).

A completed Pleasing Jesus booklet

Materials Needed:

Coloured card or cardboard for covers.
White or coloured paper.
Guillotine (optional).
Scissors and/or craft knife.
Paper punch.
Thick yarn or 6mm ribbon.
For each child:
Copies of the Cover and the "Things To Do" pages below:
Coloured crayons or felt-tipped pens.

Making the Booklet:

  1. Print out the booklet covers on coloured card or cardboard to approximately 10cm by 12cm and make copies for each child.
  2. Print out the booklet pages on paper to approximately 10cm by 12cm size and make copies for each child.
  3. Cut out the cover and pages and assemble the pages inside the covers and punch two holes at the end.
  4. The order of the pages is "Love Jesus", "Pray Every Day", "Read My Bible, "Be Kind", Be Thankful", and "Please Jesus".
  5. Use yarn or thin ribbon to loosely bind the booklet together.
  6. The children can then colour in and decorate their booklets as they desire.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Our Example:

Jesus was grew up in a town called Nazareth in the country of Israel.  He went to their church which was called a "Synagogue" every Saturday to worship God with His parents Mary and Joseph.  They would sing and listen to the Priest who would also read parts of God's Word, the Old Testament Bible.

Jesus also went to school where He learnt to read and write, and learnt all about God.  Jesus was a very good boy and obeyed His parents in all things.  The Bible tells us that Jesus grew up pleasing God in all He did.

Pleasing God:

Every boy and girl needs to grow up like Jesus did, and seek to please God in all they do and say.  Today we are going to make "Pleasing Jesus" little books.  I will help you make the books and you will see that there are pages that say: "Love Jesus", "Pray Every Day", "Read My Bible, "Be Kind", Be Thankful", and "Please Jesus".

Do you think that these are good things to do?  ( Let the children respond ).  And if we do these things will we please Jesus and God?  ( Let the children respond ).  Yes, and if you do these things every day, you will grow up to be good children of God!

Making and Using the Booklets:

Now, let's make those books, and then you can colour them in and decorate them any way you like.  And now I want you to take your book home and remember to read it every day.  It will remind you of what you can to do and say that will please Jesus.

God bless!


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