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Finger Painting


Saying thanks to God.

Memory Verse:

"We give thanks to God" (Colossians 1:3).

Materials Needed:

Plastic pots of diluted finger paints.
A4 sheet of paper for each child.
Paint smocks
Plastic table covers.
Water and washing cloths.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Don't worry about the mess!


God looks after us and gives us many good things, such as the sunshine, the rain, the flowers and the trees.  We need to be thankful for all of these good things, and so we are going to make "Thank-you" paintings.  But, before we do that, I want you to say our memory verse with me:

"We give thanks to God."

What do you think we can we say thanks to God for today?  (Let the children respond).  I think you are ready to make some lovely "Thank-you" paintings!  Shall we start?


  1. Make sure each child's clothes are protected with a smock.

  2. Give each child a sheet of A4 paper.

  3. Let the children to dip their forefingers into the paints and draw things for which they are thankful for.

  4. Set the sheets aside and when they are dry, pin them around the walls of the class and then say, "See how many things we can thank God for!"

  5. Alternately, place a thin layer of paint in a flat dish and let the children dip their hands into the paint and make hand-print patterns on their sheet of paper.

  6. Wash the children's hands thoroughly and clean-up all paint spills and utensils used.

To Finish:

You have painted many things that we can say "Thanks to God" for.   We can say thanks for Mommy and Daddy, for your house, for food and clothes, for the sun and the sky, for the birds and animals, and that God made you!  Let's say our thank-you again with our eyes closed: "We give thanks to God".

God bless!


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