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Teens need to have Jesus as their Best Friend, Saviour and Lord.   They need to have a full assurance of their Salvation and be disciples by putting their trust in God, and seeking to please Him in all they say and do.  And then allowing the Holy Spirit to strengthen and guide them in their daily lives.

Take time to be holy...

Here's a series of articles and advice to help teens cope with life!


  1.  Are You God's Child?
  2. - How to give your heart to Jesus

  3.  What it Means to be "Saved"
  4. - Finding assurance of Salvation

  5.  Being Born Again
  6. - What it means to be Saved

  7.  You're not a Worm!
  8. - You are made in God's image and He loves you

  9.  Peer Pressure
  10. - How to face up to the influence of people

  11.  Making Christian Friends
  12. - How to find friends that love Jesus

  13.  Isn't Life A-Maze-ing?
  14. - Choosing God's way and following His Bible map

  15.  In Touch with God
  16. - How to pray and communicate with God

  17.  God Watches Over You!
  18. - God is with you always and loves you very dearly

  19.  Worshipping God
  20. - How to praise and worship God


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