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Running a Youth Group

We like fun programmes!

Youth groups are a great way for a church to reach out and grow.  Teens need a safe place to meet and be able to develop good friendships.   This is especially relevant for the youth of today's society.  These gatherings provide a congenial place where teens can come to be with friends and have fun and learn about God.

Youth groups are an important part of any teen's life.  They learn and grow mentally and spiritually when given good Bible-based programmes.

Youth groups normally cater for teen in grades seven to twelve.  A trustworthy and responsible adult leader is needed and must be fully committed to the youth work.  The leader organises and teaches the group.  One or two workers or helpers are also needed to assist in managing and controlling the teens, and in setting up and running games and activities.

Find a suitable room then is big enough for games and other strenuous activities.  Set a day and time for the youth group to meet every week.  Even if there are not a lot of teens at your first meetings, don't give up, because as the kids enjoy themselves, participation and attendance will begin to grow.

Create a welcoming and exciting and fun environment that will make teens want to come to the youth group and this will attract new kids as well.   Use colourful props, objects and notice boards to help get the teens attention.

Plan, organise and prepare ahead of each meeting and make sure your workers or helpers know what you are going to do.  Teens need structure and organisation, otherwise they tend to misbehave.  Make the meetings fun even if you have a serious topic by making the group laugh, doing activities, or playing games.

Choose an overall theme for the meeting.  Programmes should include praise and worship time, a Bible message or Object Lesson, a prayer time and interesting and educational games and activities (You can always ask the teens what they like to do).

Make sure you have variety in your programmes, and if possible something new during every meeting that will get and keep their interest and attention, and make them want to participate in the activity.

God Bless!

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