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Wiggle Waddle

The Old Fat Me!

I'm Useless:
Phoebe was not really pretty, in fact with her normal scowl she was very plain.  And she knew it and that she was rather fat and unfortunately walked with a waddle.  Everybody at school called her "Wiggle Waddle!" and made faces at her and teased her unmercifully.

At home things were even worse.  She couldn't do anything right and her parents were always saying how dumb she was.  She walked about the house with a face full of thunder.  "Useless!" she cried, "I'm just a useless person!"  And nearly every night she would climb into her bed and cry herself asleep.

In the morning it was an effort to drag herself out of bed and rush down to breakfast.  "Don't stuff your face so," shouted her father.  "Don't eat so much, you will blow up like a balloon!" shouted her older brother.  "Look at you, you're bursting out of your uniform again," complained her mother.  Poor Phoebe!  She was almost glad to escape and walk down the road to her school.

Trials at School:
It was a real trial to go through the school gate and face a gang of boys who loved to wait for her so that they could tease her until she cried.   "Here comes the fat ugly duckling again!" shouted one.  "Wiggle, waddle, wiggle, waggle," chanted another.  She ran past them to her classroom as fast as she could and stood there stamping her feet in anger.

Just then her teacher came in and saw her stamping her feet.  "That's enough of that, girl," spat her teacher, "You need to learn some manners.  Now, girl, did you complete the homework exercise I gave you?"   Phoebe stuttered, "No, Miss, I didn't understand what I had to do."

"Lazy!" shouted her teacher, "You are just a lazy stupid girl."  Phoebe's face grew redder and redder and she spluttered angrily, "You are always picking on me!"  Her teacher screamed, "What did you say?  Go to the office at once!"

Poor Phoebe.  The day got worse and worse.  Eventually she reached home late in the afternoon after detention, only to be greeted by her angry mother.  "Why are you so late?" she shouted.  Phoebe tried to explain but her mother was too angry to listen.  "Straight to your room!" she bellowed, "And there's no supper for you."

Everyone Hates Me:
That night Phoebe knelt sadly down by her bed.  "Dear God," she prayed, "Do you hate me as well?  Everybody says that I am useless, and I'm ugly.  No wonder they call me 'Wiggle Waddle' and 'Ugly Duckling', for that's just what I am.  I'm useless and I wish I could die!"

As she knelt there, she seemed to sense that someone had come into her room.  When she looked up the room seemed brighter as if a lamp had been switched on.  She looked around in wonder, but it was just her bedroom and there was no one there.  Or was there?  She felt as if someone had put their arms around her to comfort her and she began to cry.

"Oh, Jesus," Phoebe whispered, "I do believe You have come into my room.   Please change me into a good person.  I'm tired of being an ugly duckling that everybody hates.  I want you to live in my heart and make me Your child."

Somebody Loves Me:
All of a sudden she felt a strange warmth and a sense of great love around her, and wondered as peace and joy began to bubble into her innermost parts.   "I feel better," she exclaimed, "Something has happened!"

That night Phoebe went to sleep with a smile on her face.  Next morning her family were knocked out of their socks when a beaming girl breezed into the kitchen and cheerfully ate her breakfast.  They got the shock of their lives when everybody received a big kiss as a whirlwind swept out of the door and ran to school!

The New Me:
The gang at the gate started their normal chorus of "Wiggle, waddle, fat ugly ducking!"  But Phoebe only smiled at them and said, "Call me what you like, but I'm a child of God and He has made me brand new and Jesus greatly loves me!"  They then watched in astonishment she swept down the path to her class.  "She's not even waddling!" exclaimed one boy, "She looks different!"

Yes, she was different.  Jesus had changed her and the school was agog with news when they saw this new Phoebe who smiled, and was polite and kind to everyone.  Even her teachers could not get over the change to her.

"Well, well," said one teacher who was a Christian, "Phoebe has given her heart to Jesus, and now the Ugly Duckling has changed into a Beautiful Swan!"   And so she had.  The old sulky girl and her miserable face were gone forever.  Even her family had to change and start to respect this new Phoebe.  Her marks improved dramatically and she gained self-confidence daily.

The day came when she was the most popular girl in the school.  Everyone loved her.  And the waddle?  Gone as well!  An attractive girl replaced her - one who lost the fat she had gained from over eating.  And one who beamed the love of Jesus to all who met her.  And one who was full of joy and laughter!

A New You:
Yes, she was different.  Jesus had changed her from an Ugly Duckling into a Beautiful Swan!  And Jesus wants to change you as well.  In 2 Corinthians 5:17 the Bible tells us:

"If anyone is in Christ, he or she is a new creation;
old things have passed away; and all things have become new!"

If you are struggling at school, at home, or with people, Jesus can change you.  Ask Jesus to come into your heart and He will fill you with His love.  He will help you change your bad attitude and overcome fear, hate and bitterness.  If you ask Jesus, He will help you understand your school work and do better in all you have to learn.

Yes, Jesus can change you inside and make you brand new, and then you too will change from being an Ugly Duckling into becoming a Beautiful Swan.

God Bless!

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