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Only a Plank!

I'm pointing God's way!

Two Small Trees:
There were two small trees that grew side by side in a clearing in a forest.  On one side there was Lemon Tree and on the other side was Fir Tree.  One was small and round while the other was tall and pointed.  Each day they would talk to each other and boast what they would be when they grew up.  And every day they grew taller.

One day Lemon Tree got upset and said, "It's not fair, you are growing so tall, but just look at fat little me.  All I do is grow rounder and rounder each day.  I just can't grow tall like you!"

Fir Tree laughed at little Lemon Tree and said, "You're no use at all.  I'm a tree they make useful things from, but they'll probably just chop you down for firewood!"  This so upset Lemon Tree that she refused to talk to Fir Tree for the rest of that day.

Bearing Good Fruit:
Next day God spoke to Lemon Tree and said, "No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit.  Each tree can be recognised by it's own fruit" (Luke 6:43).  "You mean that I am a good tree?" asked Lemon Tree.  "Yes, I see many juicy lemons on your branches," came the answer, "And you are doing just what I made your for.  I'm well pleased with you!"

Lemon Tree turned to Fir Tree, "Did you hear that?  I'm going to grow stronger and produce much more fruit!"  And she did just that.

Fir Tree Dreams:
In the meantime Fir Tree grew taller and taller.  As he towered over Lemon Tree he said, "I wonder what I will be?  Maybe I will be made into a throne for a grand king or into a fine ship that can sail the seven seas!"  The day came when men came into the wood.  "This is a fine straight tree," they said and started to chop down Fir Tree.  He fell with a great crash that made the ground shake.

"Farewell my friend," whispered Lemon Tree, "I hope you become all that you wished to be."  Fir Tree was excited as they cut him into long planks of wood.  "I'm going to be an important ship!" he shouted.  But the men just piled his timber into a heap and left the woods.  "Huh!" he thought, "Now I'm just a pile of planks and no use to anyone!"

The Signpost:
Many months later, just as he had given up hoping that anybody would use his wood, a man came along with a saw and started measuring up his planks and cutting them into short and long lengths.  "Surely the long planks are timbers for a fine ship," he thought.  But no, the man piled his planks into a cart that rumbled off towards a nearby city.

Fir Tree was horrified when the man hammered his long planks into the ground at a place where two roads met.  He could not believe it when the man started to paint words onto his short planks.  "But, I was meant to be a grand throne or a fine ship to sail the seven seas!" he protested.  "You were a tall fine Tree that pointed to My Heaven," said a quiet Voice, "Now you are to become a signpost to show children the way that they should go."

The Two Ways:
Fir Tree looked at his signs which pointed to the "Broad Way" and to the "Narrow Way."  "Do you mean that children have to choose which way they want to go?" he asked.  The quiet Voice replied, "Children need to choose whether they will follow My Son on the 'Narrow Way' and accept Him as their Saviour, so that He can bring them safely home to Heaven."

"What happens if they go the other way on the 'Broad Way'?" asked Fir Tree.  "That way only leads to destruction and being eternally separated from Me," said the Voice sorrowfully, "But children have a free will and they must choose for themselves which way they wish to go."

The Right Way:
Fir Tree stood proudly every day as he watched children of all ages walk down the road.  He was sad when many made the "Broad Way" their choice.  He realised that they had not read Proverbs 14:12 which says:

"There is a way that seems right to a man,
but in the end it leads to death."

But his heart jumped with joy as a few chose the "Narrow Way".  He wondered at the joyful singing and music that came floating back in the air as they trudged over the hill in the distance, where a great beacon of light beckoned.

Being Fruitful:
Do you remember how fruitful the lemon tree was?  God wants to make us fruitful as well.  God also wants us to go the right way and ask Jesus into our Hearts.

He wants us to grow tall as Christians by living lives that will please Jesus.  And then we too, will be signposts to Heaven.  I hope you are one at school and one at home!

God Bless.

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