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Beware!  I'm all prickles!

Beware the Barbs!
There was a girl named Barbara and she was nicknamed "Barbed-Wire" because she was so prickly.  If she thought you were against her, she would fly into you and shout and scream abuse at you.  If you dared to criticise her, she would call you awful names and swear at you.  As a result she had no friends and everyone avoided her like the plague.

That is, until Jane came to her school.  Jane was a Christian and was friendly to all.  When she saw Barbara sitting all by herself at break, she went up to her and sat down besides her.  "My name is Jane," she said, "What's yours?"

"Barbed-Wire!" came a ferocious reply, "I eat little girls for lunch!"  Jane laughed and Barbara looked at her in amazement.  "Aren't you scared that I'll bash you?" growled Barbed-Wire.  "Oh no," laughed Jane, "You see, I have a big Friend with me.  He's always watching over me, so I'm not afraid."

My Best Friend:
Barbed-Wire was astonished, because she was so used to kids avoiding her like the plague!  She looked around and saw no one near them.  "Who did you say was watching you?" she asked in a puzzled voice.  "Why Jesus, of course," replied Jane, "He's my best Friend and Saviour, and He wants to be yours as well!"

"I'm no good," Barbara sighed moodily, "Nobody likes me."  Jane looked her in the eye, "Well, if you weren't so prickly, maybe they would.   I'm sure there's lot's of good in you."

Praying for Barbara:
That night Jane prayed for Barbara.  James 5:16b-17 tells us to pray for one another since the effective prayer of a righteous person can achieve much.  And she did, Jane prayed everyday for Barbara and made a point of being friendly with her.

Sometimes Barbara would growl at her and one day even leapt up and grabbed Jane around the neck.  "Why don't you leave me alone!" she yelled.  Jane fearlessly answered, "Because Jesus loves you and so do I!"

Jesus Changes Barbara:
The day came when Barbed-Wire asked Jane to pray with her.  Barbara wept as she told Jesus about all her hurts and the anger in her heart.  But, what a change when Jesus came into her heart and life.  She was no longer Barbed-Wire!  And now there were two who went about smiling and being friendly to all!

And too we can win others in the same way by being friends with them, and then praying for them, and showing love and concern for them.  Try it!

God Bless.

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