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They Won't Come Up!

Is this deep enough?

Where have they Gone?
Susie look very worried.  She had just given her life to Jesus at their the youth meeting.  "What about all my sins?" she asked her friend Brenda as they came out of the hall.  "I believe that Jesus has forgiven me and washed me clean inside.  But, where have they all gone?"  Brenda replied that she had no idea and saying goodbye, the friends went home.

All next week Susie had a frown on her face.  On Friday, Brenda asked, "Whatever is the matter, Susie?  You've been frowning all week!"  Susie shook her long brown curls.  "I must find what happened to my sins," she replied, "I did some perfectly awful things before I gave my heart to Jesus."

Brenda laughed.  "You!" she exclaimed, "I can't believe it!"  But, Susie looked unhappy.  "No, I did," she said seriously, "And I made Jesus very sad."  Brenda looked thoughtful, "Why not come over to my house tomorrow," she said, "We can spend some time together and see if we can find the answer in our Bibles."  Susie looked up, "That's perfect!" she agreed, "I'll see you at three."

Finding the Answer:
Next day when Susie arrived the two girls started paging through their Bibles in Brenda's bedroom.  Brenda suggested that they use a concordance.   "What's that?" asked Susie.  "It's a book where you can look up a word, and it gives verses in the Bible where the word appears," replied Brenda.

So they looked up "sin" and found many verses.  Just then Brenda's mother called her to come and help in the kitchen.  "You carry on," she said, "I'll be back in a jiffy."  Susie eventually found a verse and then happened to see Brenda's books about the sea.  She started to page through them while she waited for Brenda.

Buried Deep!
All of a sudden she shouted, "Praise the Lord!"  Brenda came running in.  "What's the matter?" she cried, "Are you hurt or in pain?   Susie exclaimed, "No, I'm excited!  This book says scientists have found that the sea is eight kilometres deep!  And the verse I found says my sins have been cast into the depths of the sea, and if it's that deep I'm not afraid of them coming up again!"

"Yes," replied Brenda, "And nor do we have to bring them up again!"   Susie went home that day a very happy girl.  She had found peace knowing that Jesus had not only forgiven her, but He had forgotten all her sins!  The verse in Micah 7:19 that Susie found says:

"You will cast our sins into the depths of the sea."

And Your Sins?
And what about your sins dear teen?  Have you asked Jesus to forgive you for all the things you have done wrong?  And have you asked Jesus to come and live in your heart as your Saviour, Lord and Best Friend?   I hope you have.

God wants you to forget what you did in the past and walk forward as a Christian.  When you asked Jesus to be your Saviour, He made you clean inside as a brand-new Child of God.  The Bible says you are a New Creation because Jesus has changed you inside.  That's why you want to serve and please God in all you do and say!

God Bless.

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