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Loving Yourself

By Angie

I'm huge!

I'm a Joke!
Dorothy often made jokes about how she looked!  She didn't like much about herself!  She was embarrassed about her hands.  She thought her whole body was fat and ugly!  She wasn't proud of her nose and would often referred to it as her huge "Schnoz!" You would often hear her making jokes about herself like:

"When God was handing out Noses,
I thought He said Roses so I asked for a Red one!"

"When God was handing out Feet
I thought He said Sweets so I asked for two Big ones!"

She would often page through beauty magazines and say, "Oh, I don't look like that!"  Like so many other girls she compared herself with what the world thinks is beauty, but she didn't hear God whispering, "All that is pretend and beauty passing!"  All she heard was another voice whispering, "You're Ugly!"

The Amazing Idea:
One night while everyone was sleeping, sounds came from Dorothy's room!  But it wasn't Dorothy talking it was - her Body!

"Well, I'm tired of being insulted!" exclaimed Miss Hand.  "Imagine being called a huge 'Schnoz' all the time!" replied Nose.  "She doesn't seem to understand that without me she wouldn't be able to see at all!" added Eyes.  "She can't hear without us!" said Ears, "We have always done our best for her and now all she cares about is how we Look and not what we Do for her!"

"Now, now!  Let's all calm down and decide what we should do about it," responded Miss Lips, "But I don't think she has a nice thing to say about any of us!"  "That's right, she complains that we stink!" rumbled a deep voice.  "Who said that?" asked Ears.

"Down here!" came the reply.  Everybody looked down at Feet.   "Did she say you stink?" asked Eyes, "I wonder if she knows it's because of the silly shoes she wears?  "And what about me?" asked Thighs, "She called me 'Thunder Thighs' yesterday and hasn't eaten anything for two days!  She really isn't looking after all of us is she?"

Miss Lips suddenly had an idea: "Listen everybody, I have an amazing idea!  Okay, here's the plan ....."  Everybody listened very carefully and couldn't wait till morning!  Dorothy was in for a big surprise!

I'm a Nightmare!
Next morning Dorothy woke up and wondered why she couldn't see so well!  She rubbed her eyes but it didn't help.  She sat up in bed and gave a yelp, "Ouch!"  It hurt to sit - it felt as if all her bones were sticking through her skin!  With that she got up and fell flat on her face!

"Ouch!"  Her feet just gave in as if they had no strength!  What was happening?  She looked back to her bed and her eyes nearly popped out - for most of her hair was on the pillow!  She touched her head hoping to find more hair, but all she felt was smooth bare skin!  Now, how could she go around bald?

This couldn't be happening so she crawled to the mirror where she had spent so many hours and gasped at what she saw - "It" had came straight out of a horror movie!  Her ears had grown bigger, her nose had disappeared ... and where were her lips?  "THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!" she screamed.  She closed her eyes and cried and cried!

She suddenly remembered that her teacher had once told her that God made us to look like Himself.  If we hate how we look, we are insulting God!  She realized that she had made jokes about herself and she was hurting God!  She hadn't appreciated that she could see and hear and walk and talk!  She looked up to heaven and asked God to forgive her for not loving herself!

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Lasting Beauty:
Exhausted from this ordeal she fell asleep, and when she at last woke up she was in her bed again!  She jumped up and ran to the mirror and gave a huge sigh of relief.  Dorothy didn't know if she had dreamt it or if it was real, but she was back to normal again!

She spoke to her Children's Church leader who explained to her that she should not depend on a fine hairstyle or fine clothes to make her beautiful.  She should rather have a gentle and quiet spirit in her heart as this gives lasting beauty.  He told her to read 1 Peter 3:3-4 and pray about her shape:

"Don't depend on a fine hairstyle
or wearing gold jewels and fine clothes to make you beautiful.
Rather have lasting beauty in your heart from a gentle and quiet spirit
and this is very precious to God."

Today she thanks God that she is healthy, and if she should get fat, there will be more for God and others to love!

God Bless.

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