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When you want to impart important information to a person, it is often best related in a story, because it is more easily understood and enjoyed.   Telling teens stories from time to time reveals truths about God, and helps them to understand Him and His loving nature.

Telling a gripping story

Here's a series of stories to inspire and encourage teens!


  1.  Loving Yourself
  2. - Lasting beauty comes from a gentle and quiet spirit

  3.  Trust or Mistrust?
  4. - Realda gained the trust and then spoilt it

  5.  Most Precious
  6. - It's not what's on the outside that counts!

  7.  They Won't Come Up!
  8. - Our sins are forgiven and buried in the deepest sea

  9.  Lost at Sea
  10. - We need to pray and then trust God to answer our prayers

  11.  Barbed-Wire
  12. - We can win others by praying and showing love and concern for them

  13.  Only a Plank!
  14. - Jesus wants us to be signposts pointing the way to Heaven

  15.  Wiggle Waddle
  16. - Only Jesus can change Ugly Ducklings into beautiful Swans


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