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As part of their Christian walk, Teens need to be taught the Way of Salvation so that they can tell their friends about Jesus.   With the love of Jesus shining out of their lives, people will be drawn to God.  This will then give teens the opportunity to counsel their friends and lead them into Salvation.

Take time to be holy...

Here's a series of articles to help teens reach out and witness to their friends!

  1.  Winning Others
  2. - Sharing with friends Jesus has done in your life

  3.  What can We Tell Others?
  4. - What you can share about Christ with other people

  5.  How to Tell Them
  6. - How to win others by your life and what you say

  7.  How to Witness
  8. - How to talk to others about Christ


  9.  Seven Keys of Outreach
  10. - Key ways to help win your friends for Christ


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