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Seven Keys of Outreach

Keys to Oureach

"He who wins souls is wise." (Proverbs 11:30b).

What Jesus Wants:
What does Jesus want to do in your life?  Do you have a vision and are you planting seeds in peoples lives?  Are you winning souls for Jesus and are all your friends Saved?  Are you sharing from the Bible and helping them to grow spiritually?

Here is a list of Seven Keys of Outreach that you can use to help you win your friends for Christ.

Key 1 - Jesus
  1. Jesus is our Foundation.

  2. We are built on Him.

  3. Jesus needs us to shine for Him.

Key 2 - Prayer
  1. Pray to be effective.

  2. Water the seeds of the Word with Prayer.

  3. Prayer changes things.

Key 3 - Salvation
  1. Tell friends the Good News of Salvation.

  2. Pray for their Conversion.

  3. Guide them and make Disciples of them
Key 4 - Example
  1. Live as a good example.

  2. Be pure, upright, truthful and trustworthy.

  3. Others will follow your example.

Key 5 - Approachable
  1. Be approachable and concerned.

  2. Listen to and learn about your friends.

  3. Love and care for them.

Key 6 - Teaching
  1. Teach from your experience.

  2. Teach from the Word of God.

  3. Be practical and show them how to do it.

Key 7 - Relationships
  1. Visit your friends.

  2. Get to know their spiritual needs.

  3. Pray for their needs.

Ask God to give you a heart for people that are lost.  He wants you to plant seeds in peoples lives and water them with you prayers.  Pray for your friends Salvation and that the Holy Spirit will work in their lives and draw them to Jesus.

You care for your friends and are concerned about their spiritual standing with God.  The Seven Keys of Outreach will help you witness to them and win them for Christ.

God bless!

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