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How to Witness

Know Salvation Scriptures

"Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men" (Matthew 4:19).

Witnessing is talking to a friend about Jesus.  It gives us joy to share what Jesus has done for us recently or how He answered a prayer of ours.  We also love to share a story of how Jesus worked in somebody's life at Church or school.  This love and joy comes from the fact that we are:

  1.  Excited about Jesus!

  2.  Willing to share our experience.

  3.  Wanting to add something to our friend's life.

Giving to Others:
Acts 20:35 tells us that, "It is more blessed to give than to receive".   What can you give?  You give to others by sharing what you know and what you have experienced.  Think of what Christ has done for you, and how He changed your life and gave you peace and joy.  Think about what God does for you every day: in keeping you, protecting you, and providing your needs.

Remember, this verse does not only refer to giving money, as it's important that we give of ourselves, our time and our talents in serving Jesus with all of our hearts.

Witnessing may seem to be hard, but it's basically sharing what we have experienced and what brings satisfaction to us.  Lastly there is no greater privilege and joy in seeing a person accept Jesus and then suddenly realise that they are Saved!

Fishers of Men:
Jesus promised to make us Fishers of Men (Matthew 4:19).  Let's obey His command to follow Him like Peter did, and He will make us Fishers of Teens!  We need to remember that Jesus does the Saving while we help in the searching and reaching others.  Witnessing is something you can learn and practice.

Don't try and force your friends to come to Jesus, but rather be yourself, and be relaxed and natural.  Take advantage of the subject under discussion and say just enough to open the door for a conversation about Jesus.  Be aware of God's timing,  We need sensitivity, wisdom, and loving concern for people, and in all of these God will help us.

Start praying for your friend.  Ask the Lord for wisdom about who you should witness to.  Then pray for your friend and ask God to prepare their heart, convict them of sin and their need of a Saviour, and for God to deliver them from the power of Satan.

Start a prayer list of people for whom you will pray for regularly that they will get Saved.  Then pray for courage to speak to them and for guidance on what to say and how to say it.

Be alert for opportunities as often people are hungry for God, and those closest to us may have the greatest need.  Be friendly to all and demonstrate sincere interest in each person.  Be willing to show love and help in time of sorrow or difficulties.  Remember, no opportunity is too small!

How you talk to a person is very important.  You want them to listen to you, so you need above all to listen to your friend's point of view.  Listening will often give you an insight into how they feel about God or allow you to share something that has happened to you.  This may then lead to an opportunity to talk on something about Jesus or Salvation.

God Bless!

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