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The 'Tater Family

What a fine family I have!


The potato family show the ways we can behave or misbehave!


A family of Potato characters.
You may be able to find a set from an Excitement Store.  Otherwise find large potatoes that have "character" in their shape.  Use bits of paper and felt to make the eyes, nose and mouth.  Match sticks make fine legs and arms.  Add shoes, hats etc. to your heart's content!


Matthew 5:16.



There is this smashing family that I want to introduce you to.  They live in the kitchen and come in several types.  You find raw types, and then there are chips, baked, fried and mashed types.  They think that they are very "Cool" because they form part of your supper every day, and they are the Potato Family!  Would you like to meet them?

1.  Pa-Tater:

Well, let's meet the head of the family first.  Please welcome Pa-tater.  He is the hard working father of the peculiar Potato family who live in that cupboard in your kitchen.  He works hard for his family and is a good Christian and loves the Lord.  He serves Jesus wherever he is and tries to show the love of Jesus to his children and to everyone he meets.

2.  Ma-Tater:
What would a family be without a mother?  Yes, we have a mother potato.  Please welcome the one and only Ma-tater!  She is the mother of this family.  Like most mothers she fusses around and nearly drives her children up the wall.  But, she is a good mother and worries about her children.  Every night she prays for her children and asks the Lord to work in their lives and to protect them from all harm.

Now, let's meet some of the members of the family.  Oh dear, it looks as in some of the kids have many faults.

3.  Imi-Tater:
Here comes Imi-tater.  Wow, he is a handsome fellow isn't he.  He looks so good and he's so smartly dressed.  I think that he must be the best Potato!  Let's welcome him.  Oh dear, Imi-tater is not as good as he looks I'm afraid.  He pretends to be a Christian and at every opportunity will tell you how good he is.  We know he looks good on the outside, but what about the inside?

Well, would you know it!  He is full of himself.  He does good things and thinks that will please God and get him to Heaven.  But, it won't.  Look at all his unforgiven sins.  He's never got to know Jesus and asked Him to be his Saviour and Friend!

4.  Spec-Tater:
Here comes another potato.  Oh, it's Spec-tater.  We need to be careful with this one.  She is the one who always watches and sits out of the game.  She is quick to find faults with everything you do.

No, she won't play the game or give God a chance in her life.  She just comes to youth and sits on the side and watches.  I feel sorry for her.  She's missing out from what God has planned for her.  But she won't give God a chance.

5.  Dick-Tater:

Now the next character is one you want to watch out for.  I think we should clap very softly as Dick-tater comes in.  He always leaves God out and always wants to do things his own way.  Woe-betide you if you want to do things your way.  He will shout you down and insist that his way is the best way, in fact it is the only way that will work!   He really is a person you should avoid.

6.  Smasha-Tater:

The next person is Smasha-tater.  We will not welcome her.  Please sit very quietly as she comes in, or she may see you and turn on you.   Smasha-tater has never experienced love in her life.  She says love is for sissies.  She is always fighting with everybody and will bash you up if you get in her way!

7.  Commen-Tater:

Whew!  What a family.  Are there anymore?  Oh yes, we must not forget Commen-tater.  Be careful of what you tell him as he loves to tell tales.  I don't think that we will welcome him today!   Commen-tater will tell you everything that anybody has ever done.  He is bitter about how everybody dislikes him.  He's not a nice person at all.

8.  Newpa-Tater:
Goodness, we have not found any nice potatoes.  Is there not one good potato in the pocket?  Oh, yes, before I forget, there is one good potato!  Let's give a huge welcome to the youngest member of the family, Newpa-tater.

Newpa-tater is a sweet person who laughs with you and smiles all the time.  She takes after her father and so is called Newpa.  Now she is the real thing.  She asked Jesus to come into her life and to wash away all her sins.  Jesus was pleased to do this and made her brand-new inside.  She reads her Bible and prays every day.  She wants to be full of the love of Jesus so that her life will shine for Jesus.

Good or Rotten Potato?
Yes, I'm glad to say there is one really nice Potato and she is the best of the lot.  The rest are rotten potatoes and have never heard of Matthew 5:16, where Jesus said:

"Let your light shine before men,
that they may see your good deeds
and praise your Father in Heaven."

What about you.  What kind of a potato are you?

God Bless!

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