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God's Hand

How big is God's hand?


When Jesus holds our hand in His big hand, we will never slip and fall.


The kids' hands.


John 6:37.


Look at your hands.  They are important so that you can hold objects and pick up things.  We shake hands in greeting and pat one another on the back when we do something good.  If we lose a finger or a thumb, we cannot write properly or grip with our hands.

However, you can use your hands for the wrong things.  You can point at somebody to accuse or blame them for something they have done wrong.  You can shake your fist at someone who makes you angry, or even fight with them!

Good Hands:
God uses His hands to hold us tight, and in Mark 10:13-16, Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me," and He took them in His arms, put His hands on them and blessed them!

Jesus is the Prince of Peace and He wants to put love, joy and peace into our lives.  He wants us to use our hands in good ways:

  1. Hands that are warm with welcome.

  2. Hands that can pat and say "Well done!"

  3. Hands that can hold and comfort.

  4. Hands that can help a person in need.

  5. Hands that can bless and share God's love.

God's Hand:
And it's the same with God.  He has a big hand that we need to hold onto.  If we use our hands to hold onto God we will fall, because our hands are not strong enough.

But, if God holds our hand in his big hand, we will never slip and fall.  In John 6:37, Jesus promised us:

"Whoever comes to Me I will never drive away (cast out)."

In Colossians 1:27, Paul reveals to us that:

"Christ in you, is the hope of glory."

If we love and obey Jesus, He will guard us, guide us and protect us until He brings us safely to Heaven.  Not only this, but when God's hand rests on us, His power and blessing come into our lives.

Your Hands:

Can you say:

  1. My feet are the feet that God uses to take the Good News of Salvation to my world.

  2. My eyes are the eyes that Jesus uses to search out the lost.

  3. My ears are the ears that hear words of comfort that the Holy Spirit whispers to me.

  4. My voice is the voice that Jesus uses to tell of His love, and how He died to save us from our sins.

  5. My hands are the hands that God uses to bless others!

When Jesus holds our hand in His big hand, He will never let us slip and fall.  What about your hands?  Can Jesus use them?

God Bless!

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