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Object lessons are built around an object, which is displayed to the audience while you present the lesson.  This makes the lesson interesting and when later seeing the object, teens will remember the lesson and it's application.

Your Word is a Lamp

Here's a series of Object Lessons to inspire and help teens grow as Christians!

  1.  God's Values
  2. - We must pattern our lives on God's goodness

  3.  The Holy Spirit
  4. - He is a Special Person who wants to live in our lives

  5.  The Cheater's Cup
  6. - The only way to "win" Eternal Life is to live God's way

  7.  The Trinity
  8. - An apple shows how the Godhead is made up of three Persons

  9.  Weighed and Found Wanting
  10. - Beware, your sins have found you out!

  11.  Reflecting Jesus
  12. - We need to reflect His light and love to others

  13.  Respecting Others
  14. - We need to respect others so that we can earn their respect

  15.  The 'Tater Family
  16. - Characters who show the way we can behave or misbehave

  17.  Loaded Down!
  18. - We don't need to be crushed by worries and fears

  19.  Dry Bones!
  20. - No, a completely new heart must be our aim

  21.  Passing the Baton
  22. - Tell your friends about Jesus and pass it on!

  23.  Faith-Victory Street
  24. - Which road are you on?

  25.  God's Hand
  26. - When He holds our hand, we will never slip and fall

  27.  GO-GOT Acrostic
  28. - Obeying Jesus' commission to win others


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