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Teens need to develop good Christian principles and build their faith and hope in what the Bible says and teaches, and allow the love and power of God to work in their lives and circumstances.

The Word in my heart

Here's a series of Mini-devotions on Bible's truths to help teens grow spiritually,
and show how God is intimately involved in every aspect of their lives.

  1.  Keeping Focussed
  2. - On Jesus rather than on your problems

  3.  Building Up!
  4. - And not breaking down!

  5.  Giving My All to God
  6. - And not just a little!

  7.  I Believe (True Faith)
  8. - Can you say this and really mean it?

  9.  Little Sins
  10. - Does God overlook them?

  11.  Imitators
  12. - Not of friends, but of Jesus

  13.  Little Sparrow
  14. - God also watches over you

  15.  What Can I Lay Down?
  16. - We can dedicate our life in serving Jesus

  17.  How can We Love God?
  18. - By giving Him all our respect and reverence

  19.  He Calls and I Answer
  20. - As a disciple we follow and obey Jesus

  21.  What's in a Name?
  22. - Every promise God made will be fulfilled!

  23.  Four-fold Love
  24. - We need to love and honour God in all we do and say

  25.  Can an Imitator be True?
  26. - Imitate and follow Jesus - He's the real deal!


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