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Teens need to be good leaders in themselves and follow the example of our perfect leader, Jesus Christ, by firstly putting their trust in Him as Lord and Saviour.  And then allowing the Holy Spirit to develop their inner strengths, values and qualities needed to make them into good leaders.

Take time to be holy...

Here's a series of articles to help teens become good leaders for Christ!

  1.  What is Leadership?
  2. - How to guide and inspire other people

  3.  My Values
  4. - How to develop good personal values and beliefs

  5.  Character
  6. - How to develop strong leadership qualities

  7.  Responsibility
  8. - How to become a responsible and trusted leader

  9.  Trust
  10. - How to become a trustworthy person

  11.  Being Sincere
  12. - How to be a sincere person always keeps his word

  13.  Having Initiative
  14. - How to find solutions before others do

  15.  Listening Skills
  16. - How to listen carefully before responding to people

  17.  Solving Problems
  18. - How to solve problems with all the involved people


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