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I will help you!

"See that you do all I command you
do not add to it or take away from it" (Deuteronomy 12:32)

What is Responsibility?

Being responsible is defined as having:

  1.  A duty to do something and being trusted to do it.

  2.  A job having important duties or decisions to make.

  3.  Control over someone or having to care for someone.

  4.  To report and be answerable to someone.

To sum up, being responsible is someone who can be depended to do what they said that they would do.  Caleb and Paul are two good biblical examples of responsible people.  They took responsibility for themselves, as well as for the tasks that God had asked them to do.

Poor Responsibility:

Self confident and overly optimistic people generally make decisions quickly and based on "gut feel".  On the other hand, people who lack confidence and are pessimistic try to avoid or delay making decisions.  Both of these are poor leaders.

Effective Leaders:

Few aspects of leadership are more crucial than decision making.   Effective leaders realise this, and take their responsibility seriously in ensuring they make the right decisions.  Always make sure that you have the correct information before making a decision.  Effective leaders also think clearly, analyse problems accurately and consider the feelings of other people.

Responsible Leaders:
Leaders must be prepared to take the responsiblity for their decisions and actions.  It simply means taking the best action based on their experience and available information.  Clearly defined goals and priorities enable leaders to make wise choices among alternatives.

Making changes creates the likelihood of making mistakes and leaders will sometimes make mistakes.  However, good leaders are not afraid of making mistakes, and by their example, they let others know that it is O.K. to make mistakes.  None of us are perfect and we need to encourage people to feel free to think through problems and find workable solutions.

God Bless!

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