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My Values

Lord, teach me Your way

Micah 6:8, "And what does the Lord require of you,
but to do justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God."

Personal Values:
Your personal values and beliefs are important for your relationships with friends and other people.  Values.  What are they?  How do we acquire them?  Can we change them?  "Values" are the principles and standards that govern how you act, behave and conduct your life.  Your personal standards were learned and adapted over your lifetime of experiences and influences from your parents, teachers, friends and other people.

Getting Good Values:
Parents, teachers, and other adults who realy love teens will teach them good values and standards.  They consistently model values that are a vital influence in planting and growing young people's values.

Think about what values you have, and how they influence your friends.   Then think about your friends values.  Are they good or bad?  And how do they influence what you do and say?  These should be worthwhile values, rather than being influenced by negative peer pressure and other bad influences.

Our Guide is the Bible:

The Bible contains much to teach us about good values.   These values are Godís values.  He has established His standards to help us know how to live our lives and how to treat other people.  When you read the Bible, look for values that you can make your own.

Making a Value Your Own:
A value becomes your's when you choose to act on that value consistently.  For example, if you say you have the value of honesty, but then bend the truth or tell a lie when you have done something wrong, then this is not your value.

Do you see the need to build a solid character for yourself that is grounded in God-honouring values?  Do you want to become a leader with strong biblical values in your life?  If so, then test yourself against the list below, and see how many of these values are in your life.

Values that Honour God:
  1.  Obedient, Prayerful, Reverent, and Worshipful.

  2.  Thankful, Humble, Cooperative, and Teachable.

  3.  Having Faith, Trust, Hope, Perseverance and Wisdom.

  4.  Repentant, Joyful, Accepting, and Peaceful.

  5.  Responsible, Unselfish, Forgiving, and Merciful.

  6.  Concerned, Loving, Compassionate and Trusting.

  7.  Courageous, Helpful, Generous, and having Initiative.

  8.  Honest, Respectful, Attentive, and Committed.

  9.  Kind, Purposeful, Sincere and Fair.

  10.  Patient, Friendly, Confident and Consistent.

  11.  Loyal, Self-disciplined, Gentle, and Resourceful.

Now pray every day and ask Jesus to add a value to your life.   If you do this, you will find yourself pleasing God in all you do and say.

God Bless!

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