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Teens need to grow as Christians by having a Quiet-time each day, and if they then obey what the Bible says, they will build their faith.  Most importantly, they will act, walk and talk in a way that pleases God.

Take time to be holy...

Here's a series of articles, devotions and Bible studies to help teens grow as Christians!

  1.  Well Watered Spiritual Growth!
  2. - Filling your life with God's blessings

  3.  Learning from God's Word!
  4. - How to find treasures to help you grow in Jesus

  5.  A Quiet-time Guide!
  6. - Talking to God and letting God speak to you through His Word

  7.  Knowing God!
  8. - Growing as a Christian by knowing God personally

  9.  Being Sure You're Saved!
  10. - Knowing your sins are forgiven and that Jesus is your Saviour

  11.  I Suppose it's True?
  12. - Having faith that says, "I commit myself heart, mind and soul"

  13.  Obeying and Trusting God!
  14. - Are we willing to let God put a calling on our life?

  15.  God's Word in Our Life!
  16. - What the Bible means in our life

  17.  Finding Joy in My Circumstances!
  18. - God wants to give us joy, no matter what our situation

  19.  Facing People I'm With!
  20. - How to love, serve and care for people even if they are unpleasant

  21.  Who am I in Christ?!
  22. - How to live victoriously in Jesus, despite being the person we are

  23.  Overcoming My Worries!
  24. - How to overcome worries by finding the secret of being content

  25.  Who is God?
  26. - Some of the things that the Bible teaches us about God

  27.  Man and Sin
  28. - We are all sinners and are saved only by God's grace and mercy

  29.  Who is Jesus?
  30. - He is the Son of God, our Saviour and our Best Friend!

  31.  Finding Jesus
  32. - How to be made right with God by accepting Jesus as Saviour

  33.  Growing like Jesus
  34. - Growing as a Christian and pleasing God

  35.  What Can I Lay Down?
  36. - We can dedicate our life in serving Jesus

  37.  How can We Love God?
  38. - By giving Him all our respect and reverence

  39.  He Calls and I Answer
  40. - As a disciple we follow and obey Jesus

  41.  What's in a Name?
  42. - Every promise God made will be fulfilled!

  43.  Four-fold Love
  44. - We need to love and honour God in all we do and say

  45.  Can an Imitator be True?
  46. - Imitate and follow Jesus - He's the real deal!



  47.  Fruit of the Spirit (1)
  48. - How Love, Joy and Peace are formed in us

  49.  Fruit of the Spirit (2)
  50. - How Patience, Kindness, and Goodness are formed in us

  51.  Fruit of the Spirit (3)
  52. - How Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control are formed in us


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