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Being Sure You're Saved

You are Saved because the Bible says so!

"Whoever calls on the name of the Lord, shall be Saved!" (Romans 10:13).

Confessing Jesus:
The Bible says that the final step of your Salvation is to confess to others that Jesus is your Saviour and Lord. To "confess" is to acknowledge to friends, parents and others what has happened in your life.  And that you are thankful to God for making you into one of His children, forgiving your sins, and that Jesus is now your Saviour!  In Matthew 10:32, Jesus said:

"Whosever therefore will confess Me before men,
him will I confess before My Father which is in Heaven"

Why Confess?
We need to confess to others as it speaks out our faith that Jesus heard our prayer and Saved us.  This often needs to be done as an act of faith before we will "Feel Saved".  Jesus gives us the assurance that we are Saved, when we can say from the heart and really mean it, "I am Saved, because the Bible says so".  Then we will find that our lives change, as truly "All things become new" and we find ourselves born again as "New Creations" in Jesus.  Have you experienced this?

There are two things that give assurance of salvation.  The first is to believe and be fully committed to God.  It's like jumping off a cliff trusting that Jesus will catch you.  That's being fully committed!

Secondly, by publically declaring that, "You are Saved", not "May be" or "Will be", but definitely "Saved", you are saying, "It's over to you Lord, my life is in your hands!"  In Romans 10:9, Paul assures us:

"If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord,
and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead,
you will be Saved!"

Now You Can Witness:
You too can witness to others of these facts: "I have accepted Jesus as my Saviour and He has changed my life.  And now I can talk with Him at any time and know He is constantly with me".  A witness is someone who can testify to what they have seen or experienced.

If you can testify that this is your experience, then no one can deny it or take it away from you.  Not even the devil, although he will whisper lies into your ears and say that you are not Saved.  Not true!   You are Saved, because the Bible says so!"

God Bless.

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