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A Quiet-time Guide

Being quiet in God's presence

What is a Quiet-time?
A quiet-time is a special time set aside each day to visit with God.  It is a time when God speaks to you through His Word and you talk to God in prayer.  For a rewarding quiet time, set aside a regular definite time, and find a quiet place free from disturbances where you can concentrate on God and His Word.  Remember what King David said in Psalm 119:11:

"Your Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against You."

Have a pen and some paper or a notebook handy to write down anything special you may learn from the Bible or that God may put into your thoughts.   Make sure you have a right heart attitude, by quietly expecting God to teach you something new.

As you settle down, choose a passage or chapter from the Bible that you would like to read and think about.  Here are some steps that you could follow to make your Quiet-time more rewarding:

1.    Pray:
Confess your sins and ask God to forgive you and to wash you clean inside.  Then ask God to help you understand what you are reading.  Pray that He will speak to you through His Word.

2.    Read:
Read several verses or a short passage in your Bible.

3.    Think:
What does it say and mean?  What is God saying to me?  Is there a promise I can claim or a command I can keep?  Is there something God wants me to know and do?

4.    Write:
Copy into your notebook a verse or part of a verse that is special to you, or a passage you liked the best.  Write down any thoughts you may have had.  Write down anything you feel God wants you to know and do.

5.    Memorise:
Try to remember what that verse says during the day.  Let God use it to help you.

6.    Praise:
Praise God for who He is.  Thank God for what He has done and for what you learned from your Bible reading.  Pray for others and for your needs.

7.    Thank:
Finally, thank God for being with you and blessing your Quiet-time.  Ask Jesus to go with you and help you be aware of His presence throughout the day!

God Bless!

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