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Games and competitions are more than just fun as they teach positive values and can enhance and reinforce the Bible lessons, messages, spiritual truths and concepts.  Bible games make the meeting exciting and challenging!

Growth by competition and team co-operation

Here's a great bunch of tried and tested games for your teens to enjoy!

  1.  Impossible Nails!
  2. - a nail-biting team contest!

  3.  Who on Earth are You?
  4. - an icebreaker and people mixer quiz

  5.  Spaghetti and Marshmallow Towers
  6. - a team building contest and feast!

  7.  Dressing Capers
  8. - competition to find the best ??dressed?? teen

  9.  Spider Web
  10. - in Jesus we are all bound together

  11.  Creating Adam II
  12. - a contest to make and operate a human body!

  13.  Collapsing Bridges
  14. - a contest to build the strongest paper bridge

  15.  Wind-Ship
  16. - a contest to build and sail the fastest boat

  17.  Team-Life
  18. - A game where each person has to co-operate

  19.  Body-Up!
  20. - A fast and exciting team-building game

  21.  The Biggest News
  22. - A contest to build the biggest tower

  23.  Miniature Grand Prix
  24. - A smashing car building and racing contest

  25.  Walk the Plank
  26. - A challenging plank walking relay contest

  27.  Blindmen's Bluff
  28. - Now you have it, the Blind leading the Blind!

  29.  Blindmen's Huff!
  30. - A blindfolded race of confusion and noise!

  31.  Liquorice Allsorts Bridge
  32. - An edible bridge building competition

  33.  Crossing Crocodile River
  34. - A challenging team contest

  35.  Toilet Roll Relay
  36. - A fragile relay so beware if you break it!

  37.  Rag Soccer
  38. - A good mixer game for both genders

  39.  Balloon Hockey
  40. - A good game to get rid of excess energy!

  41.  Indoor Miniature Cricket
  42. - Another good mixer game for all teens

  43.  Drip-Drop Competition
  44. - A goofy and wet relay for summer!

  45.  Bottoms Up Relay
  46. - Another goofy and wet relay!


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