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How can we work together?


A game where each person has to co-operate otherwise the team cannot function.

Materials Needed

For each person you will require:
1,5 metre lengths of string or soft rope.
Supplies for the team task, for example:
Cold-drink, glasses, straws, cake or cookies etc.

The Game:
Teams of 5 to 10 people are chosen and told to stand in boy-girl-boy order as far as possible and face inwards in a circle.  Each team member is given 1,5 metre length of string or soft rope, and must then tie their left hand to the right hand of the person next to them, until all the team's hands are tied together.

The youth group is then given a task requiring co-operation and good will.  For example they can be instructed to walk to the kitchen, stand or sit down around a table, say grace, pour cold-drink into glasses for each person, pass out cookies, eat and drink, walk to the scullery where each person to wash and dry their own glass and plate etc.

Game Variations:
Various alternative tasks could be worked out.  For example, if space is available, one team member could cut a slice of a cake, the next person then moves into position and places a piece of cake on a plate, the third person moves up and eats their cake.  The next person moves up and the cycle is repeated until all have eaten a slice of cake.

Another task could be for one person to pour a glass of cold-drink, the second adds a straw and feeds it to a third person, who when he has drunk all the cold-drink, then rinses and dries the glass and hands it to a fourth person who then starts the cycle again!

Each team must then sit down and discuss how the team co-operated together and what feelings each one experienced during the game and whether they felt good or bad.  Is it necessary for teens to co-operate with each other?  A team spokesperson is chosen and a short report-back is held with the entire youth group.  The youth leader or pastor then sums up the findings and what the group has learnt.

God bless.


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