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Hey-Ho!  Me hearties!


A fun contest that develops team-spirit and creativity, where teams build a wind-ship and then test how fast it can sail.

Materials Needed

Each team requires a supply of:
Wood blocks and strips.
A4 paper and/or pieces of thin cloth.
Straws and/or wood dowels.
String, glue and Sellotape.
Scissors and craft knife.
Wheels and axles (Optional if they build a land-cruiser).
Small token prizes.


Team building requires the group to invest in a reasonable amount of time in planning so as to ensure that they can work effectively together, and feel comfortable with one another.  This is time well invested and will pay dividends later on.

Working in teams, teens learn how individuals contribute in a team and by working together, they can accomplish their goal.  But, in someone is left out, the team looses it's effectiveness.

The Contest:
This contest requires lots of time and would make an afternoon outing on a warm summer day in the holidays.  Teams of 3 to 5 people are chosen and then given supplies of wood blocks, dowels and strips, paper, straws, string, glue etc.   Teams must design and build a sailing ship with sails (optionally a wheeled land-cruiser if wheels and axles are supplied).

They must then blow it or sail across a swimming pool (or along a given course) against the other teams.  Award prizes to the winning team for example: the fastest ship, or the one that capsized the least number of times, or the one that sank!  Have lots of fun and then cool off with cooldrinks and cookies!

Jesus spent a lot of time in boats and knew the difficulties of rowing and sailing against contrary winds.  He also knew His disciples fear of capsizing or sinking in storms.  Jesus promised to never leave us, nor forsake us.

He knows every part of our lives and the trials and hardships we face.  These are the times when we especially need to pray for His help, guidance and strength, and then commit ourselves into the hands of God and trust Him to bring us safely through our trials.  Finally, the peace of God will quieten the clamour in our hearts and minds.

God bless!


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