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Collapsing Bridges

I hope it doesn't rain!


A contest where teams build a bridge and then test its strength.  This game develops team-spirit and creativity.

Materials Needed

For each team you need:
Lots of A4 sheets of paper.
Two bricks.
Glue or Sellotape.
Plastic cups.
Bucket of sand.
Weighing scale.
Small prizes.


Team building requires the group to invest in a reasonable amount of time in planning so as to ensure that they can work effectively together, and feel comfortable with one another.  This is time well invested and will pay dividends later on.

Working in teams, teens learn how individuals contribute in a team and by working together, they can accomplish their goal.  But, in someone is left out, the team loses it's effectiveness.

The Contest:
This is contest requires A4 sheets of paper for each team to build with. Select teams of 3 to 5 people who must plan, design, develop and build a bridge to span two bricks set on edge a measured distance apart, for example 200mm apart.

Teams must build their bridge, and then test its strength by suspending a plastic cup from it and then gradually fill the cup with sand until the bridge collapses.

The cups from each team are weighed to find the winning bridge that supported the most weight.  Award a small prize to this team, and also a consolation prize to the team building the weakest, oddest or ugliest bridge!

Jesus is our bridge to Heaven.  The story of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16:19-26 tells us that between man and God there is a great chasm that sinners cannot cross to get to God.  If a person stays a sinner, he or she will be eternally separated from God.

However, Jesus took our punishment for our sins, and now He is the only way to God.  If we accept Jesus as our Saviour, and then He will forgive our sins and give us eternal life, so that when we die, we will live in Heaven with God forever.

God bless!


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