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Spider Web

I'm caught in this spider web!


To demonstrate that teens are all an essential part of their youth group.

Materials Needed:

A large ball of string.

Maintaining Fellowship:
This game is good fun in the hall or at a camp.  It involves everybody in creating a beautiful web that reminds us of the love of Jesus that binds us together.  Each of us depend on our brothers and sisters and if some are missing, we find ourselves drifting apart.

This game emphasises the need for teens to stay in fellowship and that each person is essential, and contributes something unique to the group.

The Game:
The whole youth group stands in a large circle.  A ball of string is given to one person who holds onto the end and then throws the ball to another person in the circle.  This continues and each time a person catches the ball, they must hold onto a loop of string, and then randomly throw the ball to another person until everyone holds onto a loop of string or until the ball of string runs out.

The string now connects each person and "holds us together".  The effect of sharing creates a beautiful web between the members of the group.   For this to happen, everyone in the group had to participate!  Now let three or four people drop their loops.  The web becomes loose and the teens have to widen the circle in order to tighten the web again.   Repeat this several times until the circle becomes very large.

The result is that the teens move further away from one another each time somone drops their string.  This shows that the group needs to stay in stay in close fellowship and that each person person is essential for the youth group to survive.

God bless!


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