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Dressing Capers

Our plan is to ....


A newspaper clothes creation competition to find the best dressed person.  This is team game that develops team-spirit and creativity.

Materials Needed:

For each team you need a supply of:
Much newspaper!
Small prizes.

Team Building:

This game is good fun and involves everybody.  This activity requires at least 30 minutes depending on the article of clothing teams must make.  Teams must plan out how they are going to use the unwieldy and easily torn paper to create their master piece.  Teens learn how each individual must contribute to the group effort in order to accomplish their plans.

The Competition:
Materials needed for each team are patience, Sellotape, scissors and much newspaper!  Small teams of 3 to 5 people are selected and they must dress up one of their team members with paper clothes.  They are allowed a set time to complete their creation.  The competition could be for the funniest hat, a suit of clothes, or a theme such as suit of armour, or a costume for a unspecified or specified Bible character.

Award prizes for the most original, the cleverest and best effort.   Finish off with a Curry and Rice or Bunny-Chow feast.

God bless!


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