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Spaghetti and Marshmallow Towers

How are we going to build it?


A team building contest to see which team can build the highest structure, or the widest bridge or the tallest arch.

Materials Needed:

Boxes of uncooked spaghetti.
Packets Marshmallow cubes (preferably at least 25mm cubes).
Have sufficient to give each team at least 30 lengths of spaghetti and 50 marshmallows.

Team Building:
Before the contest, team building requires the group to invest a reasonable amount of time experimenting with the spaghetti and marshmallow building materials and planning how they could make the best structure.   This will ensure that they can work effectively and feel comfortable with one another.  This is time well invested and will pay dividends later on.

The Team Building activity requires 10 - 20 minutes and working in teams, people learn how each individual can contribute to the team effort to accomplish their plans and goals, and the loss of group effectiveness by leaving someone out.

The Contest:
Uncooked (raw) spaghetti and marshmallow squares are required for this challenge.  Teams are given 15-30 minutes to build the highest structure in the room, or the widest bridge, or the tallest arch.   Teams build in 3-D by sticking spaghetti sticks into marshmallow cubes to form cubes and triangle etc.  Award a small prize for the best structure and then have a marshmallow roast around a camp fire!

God bless.


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