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Bottoms Up Relay

Please take the bottle!


Another goofy and wet ice-breaker and team-building relay for a hot day in summer!

Materials Needed:

Two long ropes to mark the starting point and end of team lines.
For each team:
An empty 500ml plastic cold-drink bottle.
5 litre bucket of water.
1 litre plastic dish.
All teens must wear old clothes!


The Relay Competition:
Divide the teens into teams and line them up at a starting point with the small basin at the first person's feet.  On your start signal, the last player in line fills his cold-drink bottle with water from the bucket, sticks his palm over the bottle opening, and turns it upside down and passes it still upside down to the next player.

Each player must keep the bottle upside down and use only their palms to keep the water from running out.  When the bottle reaches the first player, he pours the water into the basin and then runs to the the back of the line.  He then refills the bottle, and starts it down the line again.  The first team to fill their basin wins.  Have fun!

God bless.


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