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Indoor Miniature Cricket

Betcha we beat the boys!


A good mixer and informal icebreaker indoor cricket game that is suitable for both boys and girls and is lots of fun.

Materials Needed:
A 50-60mm diameter foam or polyurethane ball, or otherwise any very soft ball.
Material to make miniature cricket bats and wickets (see below):
   Four 20mm diameter wood dowels.
   Two blocks of wood 250mm by 150mm by 50mm thick.
   A piece of wood 600mm by 80mm by 20mm thick.
   An electric drill and a 20mm wood bit.
   A hand saw.
   A file and/or sandpapaer.
   Wood glue.
An impartial and very firm referee!
Refreshments for recovery afterwards.
The wicket stumps are made from four 600mm lengths of 20mm diameter wood dowels and the two wicket bases are 250mm by 150mm by 50mm thick wood blocks.  For the batting wicket base, drill 20mm holes 40mm deep and 70mm apart for three wicket posts.  Drill a 20mm hole 40mm deep in the centre of the second block for the bowling post.  Then glue all the wicket posts into these holes to complete the wicket stumps.  Wicket bails are not needed for this game.

Homemade wickets and bat

Bats are made from a piece of 600mm by 80mm by 20mm thick wood.  Then mark two 250mm parallel lines 20mm in from the sides at one end.   Cut down these lines and cut off the two side pieces to form a handle.  Round off the sides of the handle and sand the rest of the bat.

Setting up the Cricket Game:

This is a good mixer game that can be played in the hall  Both boys and girls can play this game since it relies on skill.  Set up the wickets 5 to 7 to metres apart at one end of the hall (depending on the type of ball used and how far it can be comfortably thrown or hit).  A single player bats the while the other team fields.  The bowler stands at the single wicket stump and bowls underhand to the player.  The fielders are placed all around the wicket.  Runs are made by the player running to the single wicket and the back again to his own wicket.


Playing the Game:
Divide the group into teams of five to ten players.  Spin a coin to select which side is to bat first.  The game is played very similar to conventional cricket.  The first player takes up his position and bowling begins.  Fours are scored if the ball reaches the sides of the hall or to a marked out distance.  Sixes are scored if the ball reaches the base of the hall or again to a marked out distance.

Play time is restricted to ten to fifteen minutes a side.  A score of runs made and players bowled or caught out is kept.  The winning side is the one with the most runs and/or least players bowled out.  If players are very good batters, allow a "one bounce - one hand catch" to get them out!

An alternative way to play the game to allow all players to bat, is to let each player face only five balls.  After this the next player is in, and the innings continues until all the team members have batted.  The total runs for the team are then added up and recorded.   Continue the match until all teams have batted and then hold a play-off final to find the winning team.  Exhausted teams are again revived with refreshments!

God bless.


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