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Who on Earth are You - Quiz

Who on earth are you?


An icebreaker and people mixer quiz.

Materials Needed:

Copies of the quiz sheet below for each person.
Small token prizes.


Click here for the Quiz Sheet

The Game:

This quiz is an excellent icebreaker game to get a group of people to introduce thenselves and mix with others.  To start, hand out a quiz sheet and a pencil to each person.  Explain the aim of the quiz and read out the rules and make them very clear:

  1.  You can only get one answer from each person!

  2.  You must answer the questions in order!

  3.  As soon as you find all the answers you are the winner!!

Set a stop time and then send everybody off to collect answers.   Whoever finishes first is to shout very loudly, "I am the only Winner on Earth!"  Alternately select winner(s) who completed the most answers.  Hand out the prize(s) and include a consolation prize for the person with the least completed answers!

God bless.


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