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Balloon Hockey

This is my game!


An informal icebreaker game for lots of fun and getting rid of excess energy!

Materials Needed:

A good supply of large blown up balloons.
An impartial and very firm referee!
Refreshments for recovery afterwards.



This is a good mixer game provided there are strict rules.  Nobody may stand up at any time during a game.  If boys are too rough, then handicaped them in some way.  For example they could be blindfolded or only allowed to use their "bad" hand and hold their other hand behind their backs etc.  Absolutely no rough play should be allowed.

Balloon Hockey Game:
Balloon Hockey is played indoors.  Set out two rows of 10 to 20 chairs facing each other about 2 metres apart.  Select teams and seat both teams in the same girl-boy-girl order on the chairs.  The game is started by tossing a balloon into the centre of the teams.  The teams are told which way they must bat the balloon with their hands.  A goal is scored if the balloon is batted beyond the last person.

Play time is restricted to five minutes, or for three minutes each way by changing the playing directions.  If a balloon bursts, or if a balloon goes out of play over the chairs, then restart the game by tossing the ball in the centre again.  Keep a record of goals scored and then switch teams.  Continue until all teams have played and then hold the play-off final.  Exhausted teams can be revived with refreshments!

God bless.


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