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Rag Soccer

I like Soccer


A fun informal icebreaker and mixer game for both boys and girls.

Materials Needed:

A soccer ball made from rags rolled into a 15cm "ball" and tied with string.
Alternately a foam ball of least 15cm in diameter could be used.
An impartial and very firm referee!
Refreshments for recovery afterwards.



This is a good mixer game provided there are strict rules.  To allow girls to play, the boys should be handicaped in some way.  For example they could be restricted to only kicking with their "bad" foot, or they could play with their hands held behind their backs etc.   Absolutely no rough play should be allowed.

The Soccer Game:
Rag soccer is played indoors on a smooth tiled floor.  Four chairs are set up as goals at each end of the hall.  Suitable small teams are chosen, for example five to a side.  No goalie is used but otherwise the game is played as for conventional soccer except that play time is restricted to five minutes.

Keep a record of goals scored and then switch teams.  Continue until all teams have played and then hold the cup-final.  Finish off with a talk or discussion on good sportsmanship, and why we need rules in our Christian lives.

God bless!


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