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Blindmen's Bluff

Can anyone see where we're going?


A team bonding contest where blindfolded teams have to negotiate an obstacle course.

Materials Needed:

Enough blindfolds for at least three teams.
Two very long lengths of rope.
A number of small prizes.


Remove the group to another room and then divide into teams of 5 - 8 people.  While they are out, have helpers set up an obstacle course of chairs, tables and other items.  Rope guidelines are then tied to the obstacles to make a "road" from start to finish of the course.


The Contest:
Blindfold one team and bring them to the start of the obstacle course.  They must form a tight group by holding onto each other and then manouevre their way through the course by feel.  Record the time the team takes to complete the course.  They can then remove their blindfolds and sit out to one side.

The next team is then brought in and their time recorded.  The winning team is naturally the one who completes the obstacle course in the quickest time.  You could add a penalty of 5 seconds for each obstacle that a team bumps into and/or moves.  Award prizes to first and second winning times.  Have lots of fun!

Blind Leaders:
In Matthew 15:12-13, the disciples came to Jesus and told Him that the Pharisees were offended.  Jesus replied that every plant that God had not planted will be pulled up by the roots.  He meant that the Pharisees had rejected Him and would never accept Him as Lord and Saviour.  He then went on to say that the Pharises were blind guides and were leading the blind and so both would fall into a pit!

Tonight you were the blind leading the blind and I wouldn't want you to lead me!  Seriously though, Jesus wants us to have Him as our Saviour so that we will be led by the Holy Spirit into doing God's will and obeying Him in all we do.  The love of Jesus will then shine out of our lives and draw other people to God.

That way we will be a leader who follows the truth in God's Word and we won't be the Blind leading the Blind!

God bless.


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