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The Biggest News

Add the latest news to your tower!


A team-building contest to build the tallest newspaper tower that will develop the group's initiative and planning skills.

Materials Needed:

Each team will need:
A whole lot of Newspapers.
Suitable small prizes.
Optional - any suitable test weights or objects you can think of such as a shoe!


The Contest:
This team-building contest requires lots of newspaper for each team!  Divide the group into teams of 3 to 5 people.  Their task is to plan and successfully execute a design problem of building a new tower complex for the largest Newspaper group.  Naturally since they are a very prestigious company they must have a taller tower than any of their rivals.  The tower must be free-standing and reach to the sky!

Time allowed for planning and building is 20 minutes.  Then judge the towers and the tallest one will be the winner, and the smallest one or one that topples over awarded a consolation prize.

Alternative Contests:
Construct a bridge with floor-standing pillars at each end and a horizontal span.  The winning bridge will have the longest span between the two pillars and there must be at least 20cm clearance between the span and floor.

For added zest, the span must support the shoe, or an apple, or a large chocolate bar, or can of cold-drink.  These must be placed (not fixed with Sellotape) in the middle of the span but not touching the floor-standing supports.

Variations could be the highest tower that would support something for example a lemon or a book.  Or a bridge between two tables that would support the greatest weight.  Or the highest platform to support a person's weight.  Or the longest horizontal pier from a table top, with or without having newspaper struts to support it.  These contests are guaranteed to give your group lots of fun!

Initiative is the ability to act before others do (without being prompted or being told to do something by others), and being able to find new way(s) of solving problems.  God has given to each of us a measure of creativity, to be able to make things better, and to make the most of every opportunity.

You all need initiative because God wants to help you become a more effective leader to your peers.  Pray and ask God to help you develop your creativity, and help you have more initiative to do things, and help solve problems you and your friends face daily.

God bless!


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