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I'm a little bug!


A fast and exciting team-building game.

Materials Needed

Small prizes.
For each team you need:
A dice.


The Game:
Teams of five to ten people sit in circles and compete to draw and complete a human body (similar to a Beetle Drive)  Each person on a team throws the dice in turn and draws the relevant body part as per the list below.  However, they cannot add head, arms or and legs before the team has a body.  And they cannot add hands or feet before they have arms or legs respectively.  For decency sake, instruct the teens that each body, leg and arm part or completed body must have appropriate clothes and no naked or rude bodies will be allowed!

1 = Head
2 = Body
3 = One Arm
4 = One Hand
5 = One Leg
6 = One Foot

Playing the Game:
Whichever team completes their body first, they must all stand up and shout "Body-Up!" and are awarded 100 points.  The game can be repeated 5 or more times or until interest and excitement die down.  Then add up team points and award small prizes to the winning team and the lowest scoring team!

Afterwards the drawings could be displayed and teams vote for the best, funniest and weirdest drawing.  A variation could include drawing the body starting with a head, then a body, then arms, then hands, then and lastly feet.  Another variation would be for teams to draw their body in body-part order from the two feet upwards.

King David acknowledged that he was fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).  God has also made each one of us just as wonderfully.  Look at your fingerprint and compare it with a neighbour's.  Of the billions of people in the world, every person has a unique fingerprint!  That shows the great love and care that God took in making each one of us.

God loves us so much (John 3:16), and we need to love Him and serve Him with all our hearts.  Our aim tonight was to finish drawing our body so that we could get the points and win the game!  Our daily aim should be to watch what we say, how we live our lives and treat other people.  Make it your goal this coming week to do these in a way that will please God.

God bless!


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