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Activities are creative participation and learning tools that will help teens explore challenging life situations in a way that is attractive to them.  This can be done with interactive competitions, games, memory verses and puzzles etc.  Teens need to learn and grow as Christians by doing, rather than just being listeners and spectators.

I've found it!!

Here's a series of activity programmes to help teens grow as Christians!

  1.  Feeling Down?
  2. - Bible offers hope to loneliness, loss and depression

  3.  Full Commitment
  4. - Develop good mental, social, physical and spiritual lives

  5.  Talking to God
  6. - The importance of prayer and how teens can pray.

  7.  I Hate Me!
  8. - How to develop a sense of self-worth

  9.  Loving God
  10. - Developing our relationship with God


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