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Feeling Down?

Is there any hope for me?


A youth programme to show that the Bible offers hope to loneliness, loss and depression.
Secondly, to provide ways by which youth can care for lonely and depressed people.

Materials Needed:

For each young person:
Pencils or pens.
At least five A6 sheets of paper.
A5 notebooks.
Bibles, or copies of the Bible texts below:

Bible Texts:

2 Corinthians 4:8-9.
Romans 8:35-39.


"Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? (Romans 8:35).

Form the young people into groups of at least seven and send one person from each group out of the hall.  The rest of the people in each group must then form a circle with their hands firmly clasped.  Instruct the groups that they are to shun their "Outsider" and do everything in their power to stop him or her from getting into the circle.

The "Outsiders" are then brought back into the hall and must try to get into their group's circle (but not use excessive force).  Allow two minutes and then you can optionally change the "Outsiders" and allow the game to continue for several rounds.

Afterwards, sit the groups down and ask several "Outsiders" how they felt when they couldn't get inside their circle and what it was like to be left out of their group.

Suffering Great Loss:
Distribute pencils or pens and five A6 sheets of paper to each young person.  Ask them to write down on separate sheets of paper, five of the most important things in their lives.  For example their relationships, family, friends, valuable objects, desires, abilities, sport, money, possessions, recreations etc.  They must be specific in what they write down, for example: "My signed cricket bat" or "My best friend, Jane" or "My singing talent".

The leader reads out the list below and if it applies to one of their important things, they must drop their relevant sheet face-up onto the floor:

  1. If one or more is an object, eg. clothes, money, a favourite DVD - it has been stolen.
  2. If one or more is in a close relationship with you, eg. a boyfriend or girlfriend - this person has just dropped you for someone else.
  3. If one or more is a member of your family, eg. mother, father, brother, etc. - this person has just been killed in an accident.
  4. If one or more is a talent or ability eg. sports, music instrument playing, school academics etc. - you have suffered a terrible car accident and are now unable to use that talent.

All the youth must now consider their papers on the floor, and let several share with the group how they felt when they had to drop each one, and which one was the hardest to lose.

Finding Solutions:
Divide the group into small teams of four to five people and make sure each person has a notebook and pen, and a Bible or a copy of 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 and Romans 8:35-39.

For many teens, feelings of loneliness (being left out of a group), loss and depression are very real.  What God have to say to such people?   I want you to read the two passages which we are going to study.  Now as I read out some comments, I want each group to discuss them and write down firstly, how you can care for people suffering from loneliness and depression.  And secondly, what hope God offers in the Bible to loneliness and depression.

  1. Do Christians experience these down feelings (Paul did v8)?
  2. Why can we still experience joy and hope throughout it all?
  3. List from the two passages some ways that Christ has provided for our fullness of life.
  4. What can Christians do to help people who are lonely and depressed? Are we are dealing with the normal ups and downs of growing up?
  5. Do depressive illnesses always involve an imbalance of chemicals in the nervous system and require medication?

At the end of the study, let a person from each team present their findings and solutions to loneliness, loss and depression.  Briefly sum up the findings, and close with prayer for any needs.

God Bless!

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