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Exciting Object Lessons

H'm, that's interesting!

Why Object Lessons?

Jesus was an expert in using Object Lessons, especially in His parables such as the Sower and the Seed.  He used everyday objects such as birds, flowers and animals that His listener's could relate to.  An object lesson is a lesson or message built around an object, which you display and demonstrate to the audience while you present the lesson.

This makes the lesson interesting and when later seeing the object, children will remember the lesson and it's application.  An object is used is for it's associations to a Bible truth.  For example a magnet attracting nails can be associated with the love of Jesus in our hearts reaching out and attracting other people to God.

Object Lessons thus are a powerful and easy means of teaching Bible truths by creating interest with the object so that the lesson is easily absorbed and remembered.  Teachers should use them as they require no expensive props or lengthy setting up times.

Finding Object Lessons:

Do like Jesus did, and observe nature and things in your home, and you will find many objects that can stimulate a lesson.  The possibilities for creating object lessons are unlimited.

Books of Object Lessons are available from Christian bookstores.   There are many on this Website in our Bibleland section that you are welcome to use.

Finding Object Lessons:

Choose an object that will focus the children's thoughts on the lesson objective.  For example using cotton to bind a child's fingers together shows how sin binds us, and that only Jesus can set us free.  Another example is an Octopus who grabs everything to himself with his many arms.  This could be used to teach children how not to be selfish.

Simple objects are best as they are easy to find or construct, for example a cross.  As an exercise, look around your room and see how many objects you can spot.  Now think what message you could attach to each object.  You will get a big surprise to see how creative you actually are!

Some Object Lesson Ideas:

  1.  Large nails and a hammer - who hammered in the nails at the Crucifixion?

  2.  Glue and pictures of Jesus and kids - the Holy Spirit keeps us close to Jesus.

  3.  Pen and a notebook - is your name in the Lamb's Book of Life?

  4.  Windup clock - it's later than you think for Jesus is coming again soon.

  5.  Telephone - prayer is talking and listening to God.

  6.  Seeds, stones and sand - parable of the Sower and the seed.

Using Object Lessons:

The possibilities for object lessons are endless, but the teacher must be able to use the object effectively by weaving it into your message like in the following example:

David watched the giant approach.  He suddenly remembered his sling ... perhaps it looked something like my hanky here ... He slowly pulled it out of his pocket keeping his eyes fixed on the giant as he towered over him.  ( Slowly pull a hanky out of your pocket ).

"Lord," he whispered, "I need some good stones for this one."  Just then he glanced down, and right at his feet were some smooth white pebbles.  ( Have four stones and a marshmallow at your feet ).   "Just the thing," he thought, "Thank's Lord, these will do very nicely."

He reached down and picked up five of the right size and put them in his pouch.  ( Place the four stones in your pocket ).  Except one which he placed in the sling like this.  ( Put the marshmallow in your hanky ).  "Now, Lord!" he shouted, and whirling the sling around his head, he let fly at the giant.

( Sling the marshmallow into the audience ).  The giant toppled over slowly... slowly ...  ( Let the children make a suitable noise and a huge thump as the giant hits the ground ).

And now you can finish off the story and it's application!

Relating Objects to a Lesson:

Objects should relate to the lesson idea in a natural way.  For example, a pig can represent a dirty person, because when we think of a pig we automatically think of a filthy sty.  Abstract themes such as "love", "greed" or "vanity", can be pictured symbolically as a heart, pig or peacock respectively.

Objects can substitute for the human in the lesson.  For instance, if a person is unhappy, a picture of a heart with a frown on it could be used.  If he is stubborn, his head could be shown as a mule.

Click here for a Sample Object Lesson

God bless!


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