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Adding Spice to Your Lessons

I'm going to add more spice!


Activities are creative ways of sharing, teaching, illustrating and making the Gospel fun for children.  This can be done with interactive competitions, games, memory verses and puzzles etc.  The main goal is involvement, as it has been said of children, "Use me or lose me!"  The ideal is to involve children to the maximum so that they learn by doing, rather than just being listeners and spectators.

Activities are creative learning tools that will help the teacher consolidate and review the lesson in a way that is attractive to children.  Select activities with the following points in mind:

  1.  Does it teach or review the Bible truth or lesson?

  2.  What questions or comments can you use to connect it to the lesson?

  3.  In what ways does it help to build relationships among the children?

  4.  Does it help children relate the lesson to their everyday lives??

  5.  Does it encourage creativity and build enthusiasm to discover things?

  6.  Does it encourage putting Bible truths into practice in their lives?

Activity Goals:

Choose activities that will lead to exploring, discovering, assuming responsibility and making the Bible truths part of the children's lives.  The teacher can ask the children towards the end of an activity, what they have learned about the main truth or aim of the lesson, and how they are going to apply this to their lives.  Guide their thinking and discussion during and after the activity:

  1.  To show their love for God and to others.

  2.  To express their feelings about God.

  3.  To share their experiences, needs and thoughts.

Type of Activities:

Activities can improve the children's Bible skills, develop their interaction with each other and build team spirit.  Activities that can be used include:

  1.  Drawing, painting, cartooning, colouring and other art forms.

  2.  Music writing and composing, singing and dancing.

  3.  Discussions, debates, drama, puppets and clowning.

  4.  Bible reading, gathering information (research) and report writing.

  5.  Creative writing, card making, making stamps and tracing.

  6.  Model building, dioramas, Bible villages, animals and figure making.

  7.  Games, competitions, cross-word puzzles, word games and board games.

Finding Activities:

Various activities can be found in activity books that you can purchase from Bible Book Stores.  We have a number of different types of activities on this Website in our Bibleland and Tweenie sections that you are welcome to use.

God bless!


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