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Lesson Preparation and Goals

I must reach the Goal ...

Teacher Goals:

The most important needs for a Teacher are Preparation, Power and Prayer.   This takes care of the preparation of the lesson, but more importantly of the Teacher!

Start by reading through your lesson material early in the week.  Do this each day and think and pray over the material.  Ask God to help you find a specific aim or goal that your class specifically needs.  Then ask how this would apply to your life and what would you need to do to bring about a life change in your heart?  This will deepen the meaning of your lesson and help you focus on a lesson application to present to your class.

First the Teacher must get the Lesson,
Then the Lesson must get the Teacher!
Only then will the Lesson touch the Children!

Knowing the Children's Needs:

What do you know about the children in your Class?  Have you ever visited them and found out what their hobbies are and what they like to do?  How do they they live and what are their home circumstances?  Visiting and getting to know your children is the best way of bonding with them.

You will soon find that you can love them and they will come to love you too.  Understanding them will help you to motivate them and find things that will interest them.  You will find out what their spiritual needs are, and how to pray for them.  All this will help direct your lesson plans.

Boosting Your Lessons:

How do you plan to start your lesson and then gain and keep their attention?  Will they understand and appreciate the lesson?  Is the lesson interesting to them (and not necessarily to you!!)  What will appeal to them and touch their hearts?

The time you spend preparing will bring about results in direct proportion.  Try it - you will get a tremendous boost and sense of fulfillment!

God bless.

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