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I'm prepared, practised and prayed up!

Welcome to this Manual!

There is a great need for training of Sunday School and Children's Ministry workers.  We find today that some teachers are disillusioned or discouraged and many are teaching "Because I volunteered" or "There was no one else to do the job."  And even more alarming there is the "One Year" teacher who gives up and leaves within a year.  But, teaching children should be inspiring, exciting and fulfilling.

Our aim with this manual is to give you tools for all aspects of teaching children, and organising and running a Sunday School or Children's Ministry.

It covers practical issues of how to become an effective and enthusiastic Sunday School teacher or Children's Ministry leader.  We pray that it will also revitalise workers and teachers who have been active for many years.  Our aim to give you tools that will help you become the successful teacher that God has called you to be.

Who's it For?

This manual is for beginner and untrained teachers, and those wanting to gain further knowledge and background in all aspects of teaching children and achieving an interesting and attention holding class-time.

It is also a tool for superintendents and leaders who need to train their workers, and plan stimulating programmes.

What We Hope to Achieve:

  1.  To give you tools to prepare and present interesting and challenging lessons.

  2.  Help you to plan and organise your class time.

  3.  Encourage and excite you to take your teaching to a new level of excellence.

  4.  Help you understand children and cope with problems and difficulties.

  5.  Learn to relate to children and develop the Father's heart for them.

  6.  Help you plan exciting programmes and involvement of the children.

We trust that you will be blessed as you work through this manual, and that the Lord will enable you to fulfil the ministry that He has planned for your life.  We look forward to the day when the Lord will say to each of us: "Well done, you good and faithful servant!"

God bless.


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