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Praise and Worship for Children

Let's sing praises...

Praise and Worship:

It is our duty as teachers to teach children how to praise and worship God and not merely lead the singing.  We need to teach children how to express their love and thanksgiving to God from their hearts.

The High Priest and scribes were indignant when children shouted, "Hosanna to the Son of David."  In Matthew 21:15-16, Jesus asked if they had never read:

"Out of the mouth of babes ... You have perfected praise."

In teaching children how to praise and worship God, we need to teach them how to express their love and thanksgiving to God from their hearts.  Some ways that you can do this are as follows:

Testimony Time:

Include a testimony time to give children an opportunity to tell what Jesus has done in their lives.  This will encourage others and show the power and reality of God.

Prayers of Thanksgiving:

Encourage children to thank God for answered prayers and needs, for their Salvation, for family and friends, for healing and protection.  Teach children to pray by letting each child say a one sentence prayer thanking God for something that He has done for them in the past week.

Prayers for Needs:

Praise and Worship is also a time when children can pray for each other.   They have simple, direct faith and God answers their prayers.  When someone feels sick, let children who want to pray, lay their hands on him, and then let several pray for his healing.  This teaches children to care for one another and to trust God for the needs of someone else.


Singing is part of children's praise and worship.  Use songs that praise God for His goodness, love and mighty power in guiding us, keeping us and setting us free from sin.

Use fun songs with clapping and actions relax the children.  When you lead children in these, be willing to be foolish and do the actions with the children.

Then move into slower worship songs to create an atmosphere for communion with God.  Such songs allow the children to enter into the warmth of God's presence and where the Holy Spirit can minister into their lives.

Entering into Worship:

Ask the children to forget people around about them, and to concentrate fully on God by shutting their eyes, and then thinking about all the good things He has done for them.  Encourage them to lift up their hands and start to pray, worship and praise God out loud.

They can say phrases like, "I love You Lord", "Thank You for making me Your child", "I praise You God", "Thank You for Saving me", and so on.

In Psalm 134:2, David says:

"Lift up your hands in the sanctuary, and bless the Lord."

This brings children closer to God and to the manifestation of His power.  If they do this on a regular basis, children will come to know God's presence, and Jesus as their real and loving Friend and Saviour.

God bless!


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